Sales Calling

Effective Phone Prospecting & Selling


My Story

I'm Dave Edmonds, been in sales for over 40 years, most of that time using the telephone, well only that and post back in the 80's & 90's.

The experience gained from working for both large multinationals and new start-up businesses allows me to rapidly shape my training to match your businesses needs.

I love all things technical and have been an amateur meteorologist since childhood. I run a professional weather station that is part of the UK Met Offices WoW network.

Why Sales Calling?

The phone is a powerful and vital way for you to grow your business. What I offer is unique coaching and training for your staff who you need to be effective on the phone.

The three main steps are firstly to see if you have the right people; it's a demanding role, not right for many.

Next, to provide them with the tools and techniques they need.

Finally, and very importantly, to gift them the personal skills necessary to become great at prospecting and selling on the phone.


Following an initial meeting on the phone, via video or in person, there would be a one day on-site session. This will allow me to get to know your business, staff, and processes.

We will then go over my findings so we understand what training is required.

Each session I would come on-site and spend the day with your callers, typically 10am to 4pm.

it's important staff have time between sessions to practice their new skills. One day a month for six months is a typical run for most businesses.


I am based in Milton Keynes.

My Session rate is £250.

If you have staff who need to be great on the phone, then please do get in touch.